Today was a fun day, but also a sad day. It was our last time that we went to OCCS to work with our students. It made me realize just how hard it will be to say goodbye to my students in the future. Today we went with Kelsi and her girls (which ended up being only one of them because the other one was sick today). We went through a choral reading and then we played a little game of uno! The girls loved it, they love doing choral readings and they love playing games. After we did that I gave Kay her treat and then said good-bye.. holding it together not to shed a tear! On a positive note WE ARE DONE AND CHRISTMAS BREAK IS SO CLOSE I CAN ALMOST SMELL IT!!! (which is hard to smell ;) )


Today was a fun day for Kay, we joined Kelsi’s group again and did another coral reading passage. We worked on this the whole time, we worked on being different characters and voice fluctuation. The girls loved this. We might do this for a little bit again on Monday, fluency is what Kay needs and Kelsi’s girls too! I think Kay likes having other people in her group instead of being by herself every single time! I am going to miss her so much! I might shed a few tears on Monday.


Today Kay and I went through a fluency paper, she did pretty well. Since she is below level F we had to do a read the statement answer the question type of fluency test. For the amount of words she read she got all the answers right and only one word wrong. I was pleased with the results. After that I had her go over a coral reading passage that we were going to be doing with Kelsi and her two girls. We went through it a few times before we went with Kelsi. The girls loved being able to join groups and do something together. They did great at it too! We will be doing this again on Friday.


Today was a great day with Kay! We started out reading a book and going over a benchmark quiz. I then thought it would be interesting to see if her interst survey would be the same or different then when we began. She didn’t give me a lot of information when we first started so I thought since we know each other a little better maybe she would give me more information. Guess what, she did! She gave me a lot of information on what specific books she likes to read and what specific things she likes to do when she gets home from school. I thought this was good, I now know things that I can find for her that she can read! I want to start transitioning into finding books in the library for her to read to me these last few days. I am pretty sure I have all my testing done and now want to teach her how to find the books she can read in the library so when I am not there to help her she can do it on her own. I am trying to figure out something super fun for her to do on the last day! I am going to miss her!!!!


Today was such a fun day! Kay did awesome and you maybe you will be surprised like I was, but I had her do another fluency test and it was on the iPad that she did it on. She did the cold read and got 33 words and then we reviewed the story and she did a hot read, she got 66 words and then she said, “I want to make it go higher”. (The app showed how many words with the hot read and cold read on a thermometer). So I she read it again….and yet again! She finally ended up with 74 words and I stopped her so we could do the rest of the activities for the day! I had her write about the Nile River (what the story was about) she wrote about what we the story told us about the Nile river. However she decided to get a little goofy with it! :) She is good at that! :P She then got to go on the iPad for 5 minutes at the end. She worked on putting different parts of the word in to collect the stars! I love this game for her because she is learning so much from it too! At the end she looked at me and said this is kind of getting easy… Guess I will have to find a harder game! I can’t believe that we only have 4 times left! I just love working with Kay and don’t want to stop! I will miss her a ton!


Today Kay did a fluency test, we have a little work to do with reading fluently, but she did ok. We then worked on a game and she where she had to match vowels and vowel teams. She did awesome at this! She loved the game and what she didn’t know was that she was learning too!!! Gotta love games like that! :) Monday we need to do another leveled reader and I am going to have her write another story possibly. If time allows we will do a iPad activity. But since it is the only day we need to get to business right away!


Today I told Kay that we needed to get down to business! We did a level E lesson and she did amazing! We talked through it and it went very good! It was about the farm so when we were finished with that I had her work on finishing writing a story from my story starter I had for her. It said, “If I had a farm I would have…” and then she wrote only a couple sentences but only needed help on one word! I was so glad she was picking up on the things we have been learning including vowel teams in words and things like that! :) I then read a book to her, but I think I am going to start having her pick out a book from the library and we are going to read them together! More practice in reading never hurts! :) Friday we are going to have a fun day, it will be iPad based, but what she doesn’t know is that I will be testing her fluency.. and then a couple games if time allows.


Today was a great day! I decided that since Kay most likely had a rough last week and a rough weekend I would not do a lot of work with her today. I did do a reading record with her on level E and guess what, she passed it!! She did awesome, I was soooooo proud! She has improved so much and I let her know how awesome she has been doing! After that I had her play a building words app on the iPad, first she had to put together words with short vowels (MASTERED THAT!), level two was long vowels (AGAIN MASTERED!), Level 3 was bossy R’s (All correct! None wrong!) also informed me that R has her bossy boots on that’s why you can hear the R soo much, Level 4 was other vowel teams (got one wrong but got a bunch of tricky ones right!)! We didn’t do level 5 today because we were running out of time and I wanted her to work on one more thing. I hadn’t done a lot of writing activities with her and I wanted to see where she was with that. (Good at comprehension, good at reading, good at vowel sounds now, and good at counting syllables now) So I tore out a piece of paper from my binder and I wrote on the top Kay’s Favorite Supper. I read the title to her and I told her to tell me about her favorite supper. She for the most part did awesome at writing her story, she told me she didn’t know how to spell favorite and I said how could you sound it out and she informed me it sounded just like I spelled it in the title. She also didn’t know how to spell meatballs (her favorite meal), but she did know how to spell all the other words. Today I sent a note home with Kay, just to let her parents know that I am working with her because I wasn’t sure if they knew that. I wrote that she has been doing great with me at school and will even be moving up a reading level on Wednesday! I thought that not only would the family like to hear that she is doing awesome, but I think Kay along with the rest of the family needed something positive in their life right now. I can’t wait for Wednesday, and informed Kay that on Wednesday we are going to be getting down to business. I plan to do a level E reader with her along with having her work on writing another story/paragraph about something.


IT’S ALREADY NOVEMBER AND WE ARE ONE MONTH AWAY FROM THIS PRACTICUM BEING OVER! Exciting, because that brings us to the end of the semester, however I will sure miss these days with Kay! She is always excited to learn and ready to get down to business when we meet! She is such a sweetie!

Today, however, Kay was gone. Please keep her family in your prayers along with the family of the child whose life was taken much too soon. This is a tragedy for all!


Kay did very well today. We discussed how to count out syllables and she counted them all correctly, something she couldn’t do before! As you read on Monday, I found out that she didn’t know her vowels. So I took it upon myself to teach them to her, on Monday I went over them with her and taught them to her. She said that her dad and her do rhymes every night before bed and then read the Bible, but tonight she is going to tell him what the vowels are too! She was excited and wanted me to write questions down on the piece of paper about vowels so she could take it home to remind her she wanted to do that. So when she came on Wednesday she was super excited to tell me what the vowels were, she got all of them right and the long and short sound to them too! I was so proud of her. The rest of the time we worked on a couple vowel sound and vowel team sound apps that I found on the iPad. She enjoyed this but towards the end of the app informed me that this was too easy! This girl is a smarty pants and catches on to things so fast! Hopefully Friday will go as great as today!